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Webpage Development for Managing Global Business Locations 

Owning numerous facilities at various locations around the world, the Communication Team at Mylan N.V., a global pharmaceutical firm, wanted to create a more efficient way to manage these locations' information and its functions on its social media intranet using the Jive system.

Approach and Solutions



As a part of the Digital Commuications team, I created and designed the "Location Group Owners Group" webpage as a platform for employees to easily access global locations' information. I created training materials for employees to create their own location webpages as well as a location group template that can be copied for consistency and ease of use.

Pictured above is the Location Group Owners Group webpage that I designed. This webpage provides Mylan employees around the world tips for managing their own location pages and links for accessing other locations' individual pages. 

Pictured above is the Location Group Template that I designed. Employees who plan to establish their own location groups are encouraged to use this template for their designs to promote consistency. 





My team collaborated with Mylan’s IT department to support the creation of an interactive, Real Estate Map App that integrates the company’s global location information with the location pages on its social media intranet. For this project, I built 40+ new location groups for Mylan Europe, India and Japan to be used to populate the Real Estate Map App. 




























Location name 

Number of employess

Location group hyperlink

Travel guide

Business unit(s)


By clicking on the Real Estate Map icon, employees can access the interactive Map App. A map showing all current Mylan locations will pop up and they can choose the icon of a specific location to access its location page, a travel guide with tips about the region, and information about the business units that operate there.


"Bridget worked with little to no direction on this highly detailed (and at times tedious) project. She was thorough, organized and contentious and her efforts will provide tremendous value – both for Communications and Real Estate and all Mylan employees who will use the interactive map and MIKE location groups she created and improved".


                                                                                                Heather McCague, Director of Digital Communucations, Mylan.N.V.



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