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Social Media & Influencer Partnerships

During my time working for STORE 5a, I initiated and implemented over 40 influencer and brand partnerships across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest with top social talents. The efforts resulted in 98% increase in followers and 80% increase in online sales in the first 8 months. See select partnerships with #store5apartner on IG.

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Jessica Wang x STORE 5a 
Holiday Giveaway

Last holiday season, our team collaborated with top Tik Tok star Jessica Wang (@jessicawang) for a holiday giveaway to raise STORE 5a’s brand awareness and e-commerce presence. Jessica styled the giveaway items and creatively showcased the best deals and her favorite designer pieces. The campaign successfully resulted in over 20k signups and generated 20% increase from the Black Friday sale.

Sell with STORE 5a

To celebrate sustainable fashion month, we've partnered with @jeneenaylor on IG. She created a fun reel where she asked followers to help her decide which designer bags to keep/sell and showcased the process of selling your designer items with STORE 5a. The reel generated over 6k engagements. 

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STORE 5a x Celeste Diamond Holiday Party

I branched out and built a brand partnership with Diamond Cellar's Celeste marketing team. Together we planned a joint holiday event where customers enjoyed exclusive discounts from both brands and the opportunity to get Celeste permanent diamond bracelet at the party. 

Maaria Deek x STORE 5a
Valentine's Day gifting campaign

To promote Valentine's day gifting, we've partnered with Columbus-local Tik Tok star @maariadeek for a GRWM video where she styled with her top designer accessories. Our team offered an exclusive discount to the followers as an incentive. 

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