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Thank you for visiting my portfolio! This page has a collection of works that I designed for my Visual Communication class at Georgetown University. Hope you enjoy!

Summer 17

Completion Date: June 26

June 10 Draft 1 

June 10 Draft 2


For the very first project for the class, I created a typography poster for an event. Before I took this class, I did not realize the importance that typography plays in delivering the overall effect of a design work. In the process of learning about different type families, I was fascinated by the shape and personality of the cursive fonts. I chose the cursive type to deliver a sense of elegance and femininity, which corresponds with the rose wine tasting event I designed for.  

As shown on the left, I had several versions of drafts. I played around the design in both white and black, and eventually decided to use white because it delivers a cleaner, more classic look.


In the process of designing, I was amazed by how balance also play significant roles in getting visual attention. I adjusted the white space as well as the shape of the cursive "R" in order to initiate a movement and flow from the top to the bottom of the page. I condensed the bottom right part of the date and time in order to deliver a cleaner, and stronger effect.

June 26 Final

Color Strategy

For the Color Strategy Poster, I derived different shades of pink colors from a photo of a glass of rose wine and rose petals. I was inspired by the fact that there are a variety of rose wine with different tastes and shades, so I wanted to play around with anagogic red colors to deliver a gentle and harmonious look.

At first I wanted to incorporate gradient color effect into the poster, but wasn't sure about adding it to the background or the text, so I tried both versions and found the gradient dripping effect on the text looks cleaner and more relevant to the theme of the event. 

Completion Date: July 10

Original Photograph

Color Wheel

July 2 Draft

July 10 Final



Completion Date: August 1

My logo design is for Vintage Grace Boutique, which is a women's boutique that offers handcrafted jewelry and a curated selection of trendy apparel. For the logo mark, I chose a cursive script font for the brand initials to demonstrate a feminine, romantic, and vintage style for the brand.



For the color of the logo, I chose the gold with a glittering texture to demonstrate the brand’s premium branding and unique products.


The logo mark, type, as well as the color work together to deliver a premium and fashionable retro style to the viewers, which corresponds with Vintage Grace Boutique’s brand positioning and ultimately differentiates the brand from other boutiques.



Completion Date: August 20

For the executive report, I revamped Novartis' 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report. I condensed and categorized the original contents of the report and present it in a more visually appealing way with icons, photographs and colors. 

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