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Internship Spotlight Featured Stories

During my internship at Mylan N.V., I created a Internship Experience page on its intranet for the interns at various locations to check upcoming events and share their experiences. I helped shape the page by suggesting the creation of a Intern Spotlight series that identifies interns who represent different global locations and engage the communications between interns and Mylan employees.


Posting weekly intern stories that related to intern/employees’ real experiences with the company and Mylan’s corporate culture would enable interns to witness others' firsthand experiences at Mylan and become further connected as an internship group. These stories also drove traffic to the Mylan Internship Experience Hub group regularly and inspired them to share their own thoughts and stories on the intranet. The intern story materials were also used for the Mylan corporate website and other various purposes.

Pictured Above is the location of the "Internship Spotlight" section on the webpage targeting interns and employees. Employees can click on the button to view and comment on the articles.


Methods & Procedures


Collaborated with HR department to select Interns that represent different global locations, departments, and cultural backgrounds



Conducted group and individual Interviews with targeted interns located in Puerto Rico and Ireland and gather their information and stories.  


Summarized interview results and share draft with HR and Communications. I also featured various events such as Intern Community Service Day, Plant Tour.



Published featured internship articles on Mylan social webpage & engage communications between employees across funtions and countries

Featured Stories
My Story on Mylan Homepage

After I published the featured internship stories, I wrote a story that recorded my amazing experience at Mylan, which was featured on Mylan's Homepage. 

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